There are several things you need to consider when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, and the first is determining the type of vehicle that is best for your needs. With the modern technology we have today, any vehicle can be converted to handicap accessible vehicle, from motorcycle to SUV to pickup truck. The minivan and SUV are the two most popular vehicles converted to wheelchair accessible vehicles because they have a great mileage, the most interior space, easy transfer in and out for a wheelchair bound driver, and fast in and out ramp for wheelchair passengers. There are a lot of models and manufacturers to choose from, and you can also try checking Advantage Mobility Bruno lifts.


Gain the advantages of having a wheelchair accessible SUV with its great looks, with better gas mileage and easy to park. One of the most important decisions you also have to make is choosing the type of entry for your wheelchair accessible van. There are those vans with rear entry and others are side entry. Wheelchair accessible vehicles with side entry vans are easier for handicapped persons to easily get into co-pilot or pilot seats, while rear entry vans enable disabled drivers to park in more affordable and regular parking spaces because it doesn't require awkward maneuvering once loaded into the wheelchair accessible van. It helps to contact Advantage Mobility to help you deciding on the best type of entry for your wheelchair accessible van depending on your situation. Buy bruno lifts for sale here!


The best thing about the customer service of Advantage Mobility is that you'll be helped in figuring out on the best way you get yourself and your wheelchair into the van. When buying a wheelchair accessible van or SUV, it is important to look for the NMEDA logo. The NMEDA stands for National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association which is an advocate for accessibility and mobility for drivers and passengers with disabilities. Read to gain more details about mobility services.



You have to make sure that you're only dealing with a reputable dealer when buying a wheelchair accessible van or SUV for you to be given more options because you might only need a lift rather than a full wheelchair mobility vehicle. Know the reputation of the dealer by making some research, obtaining references, referrals or recommendations may help. It is also important to determine the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the dealer. It is important to also consider the size of the wheelchair, the size of the wheelchair user and the size of the occupants when choosing the best wheelchair accessible vehicle for you. Advantage Mobility is your ultimate partner in finding the best wheelchair accessible vehicle for you, either van or SUV, you can visit their website or homepage for more information. Purchase Advantage Mobility handicap accessible vans for sale here!